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Block Placement Report

Week 3




CECI program

Nareshwor VDC , Gorkha

[ June 27th – July  3rd 2010]

Submitted to :                                                     Submitted by:

Dr. Balaraju Nikku                                             Sangeet.G.Kayastha

Block Placement Coordinator                               6th Semester

Kadambari Memorial College                               Kadambari. M . College







Introduction of the week:

This week was the third week of the trainee as the CECI block placement and 2nd week of the trainee as the block placement in Thuli Community Forest in Nareshwor VDC , Gorkha . This week the trainee got involved in doing presentation of the previous week in Gorkha and also involved in the taking house hold interview of the members of the Thuli community forest. The trainee also got involved in helping the team to organize the orientation program to women related with physical health and sanitation. The trainee also visited the naya sanghu , which lies 3 hrs downhill from where the team is living . The trainee also did transist walk along the community forest.



To know the status of Governance in the Thuli Community forest.

To educate women on the health and sanitation issue.



Activities of the trainee:

In Gorkha Baazar


As per the previous schedule , the all 6 team had to do presentations of the previous week work after returning form the villages . The presentations should be had focused in the activities which the each group did in the previous week. So the trainee along with his team members got involved in making presentation and doing presentations. The trainee also got involved in others sessions which was focused in the sharing experiences , problems and findings of all group. There was also the press meet and informing the press about the activities which the teams was doing. On the Monday morning the trainee and the other teams returned to their villages.


In Nareshwor VDC (Thuli C.F)

After returning to the village, the first tasks which the team did was to make planning for the week. The trainee was responsible for selecting the members and houses for interview. So, at first day the team of 5 went to some households and took the interview at evening time. The next day which was on Tuesday, the team divided into two groups . One having three members and one having two members. The trainee along with one next participant went to took interview of users of ward no 6 of VDC which lies 45min uphill from the residence area. So as per the sampling there was total 12 house holds and 4 interview was to be taken. The trainee was responsible for taking notes and findings during the interview. The trainee at evening also took interviews of other houses of ward 6.


One Thursday, the trainee helped to manage the class for the women related with their health and sanitation. The team took some house hold interviews on the day . Not only that, two coordinators came to visit the team from Gorkha so the team shared their problems and also got suggestions about their works and questionnaire .


Naya sankhu ( Sankhu VDC 5)

As per the pervious plan the team moved to 3 hrs down hill walk to the Naya Sankhu Baazar. The way was across the boundary of the Thuli community forest along the field and also touching other community forest. Crossing the Daraudi River the team reached the Naya Sankhu VDC. There also the total members was only 12 so took 4 HH among which one was also the board member of the Thuli C.F. Returning back the team also took interview with the co-treasurer and another one member.


On Friday after doing some couples of interviews returned back to Gorkha and make some group discussions.



From the findings which the team did from the women class was that thw women had good knowledge about the health and sanitation issue. They also have little idea about the care which they have to do during the menstruation period but about the sanitatory pad they don’t have the proper idea.


Taking the interviews of ward no 6 , there was much not new findings. Except few, most of the members was happy about the current board but non of the general members have read the constitution about the C.F. Almost all people not even knew about the current financial status of the community forest and averagely how much the community forest earn.

The trainee also knew that not all but many dalits was unhappy about the decisions of the executive of their community forest and they feel they are been discriminated while listening their opinion and complains. The trainee also found out that there was only two women in the executive and one was named as Co-treasurer which was just to make women in committee but no work at all. The Co-treasurer even sont know about the financial status and also about the constituation.


The learning which the trainee did from the Naya sankhu Baazar was that , there was 12 household members but non of them was getting the services form their community forest. There was not equality in comparison to the members of Nareshwor VDC. Among the 4 member whom interview was taken, non of them know about the new programs organized, nor the constituation and finance.



Personal Feelings:


To sing the national anthem of Canada on July 1st on the occasion of Canada Day was really good and also sharing the Canadian culture was really good about this week. About the village, we founded that about 12 house hold of the community forest user group was very far about the 2 hrs minimum walk, so it was hard for them to know watts was happening in the community forest user group.

Also the next thing which I felt really good was the good response and behaviors of the people.


Block Placement Report

Week 2

 CECI program

Gorkha Headquater & Nareshwor VDC

 [ June 20th – June  26th  2010]

    Submitted by:





 Introduction of the week:

 This week was the second day of the block placement. The first day was the sessions and preparation in Gorkha bazaar for the field and the remaining day was the field placement. The trainee got involved in the rapport building with the community people and also organized the meeting with the Thuli CFUG member. The trainee also took house hold interviews with the members of CFUG after making the research question.

 Objectives of the week:-

  • To make final research question for the research in village.
  • To make planning for the week with the group member.
  • To organize a meeting with the users and executive of Thuli CFUG.
  • To perform research with the CFUG member related with Governance.

 Activities of the week

The second week of the block placement started in the hilly and historic district Gorkha . The trainee started his day by visiting the Gorkha palace with the other participant. The day trainee prepared for the week which was to be spended in the village . The trainee also got involved in the orientation about the village when he have to go for field. Visiting the village the trainee also got involved to rapport build with Community  Forestry User Group member and other group of people . the trainee also build the good relation with the family member where they are staying. The team also figure out the physical and geographic aspect of the village and founded that the Thuli Community forest lies in lower part of ward no 6 of Nareshwor VDC. The trainee also founded that there was 176 house holds as the member of the community forest among which 128 was from ward no 6 , 12 from ward no 5 and 24 houses from the ward no 7 of Nareshwor VDC. Not only that 12 house hold was also member which lies in Sankhu VDC.


The trainee’s group also choosed Cluster sampling and welfare ranking for the research and choosed the house hold per that. The trainee also visited the water tank building site of village.


*( word file– sangeet Thuli sampling .doc )







The main thing which the trainee knew was about the community forest. The Thuli Community forest lies in the Nareshwor VDC. Interacting with the members and also looking at their constitution the trainee knew that the total executive member was 13 . But there was only two women in the executive which was not as per the constitution. The trainee also found that the executive member was pro-portational. There was all grade and caste of people. There is Janajati, Bramhin , Dalit and Chhetri in the group.


From the interview from the users of ward no 6, as the initial findings from one week the trainee founded that the governance was not so strong in the CFUG. Most of the people also don’t know about Governance in CFUG. Also most of the member was happy about the present Executive than last one.


The other social findings which the trainee did were that there is scarcity of water and also founded that the community was constructing the water tank in the village.  The trainee from his transits walk and also during house hold survey founded that there was no good sanitation in the village .


Personal Feelings:


The trainee was very happy to get in the Governance group which he had selected as his second option. To visit Gorkha palace and Gorkhnath Temple was really a good experience in terms of the religious as well as tourist point of view.

Visiting the village was also good and also peoples was much cooperative towards us also the family members where we live was very good and one of the rich family of the village.

The trainee felt the sanitation was not good in the village as we could see during the home visits. Also it was difficult to find people during day for survey as most go for farming.

As over all the week was good and also all other 4 team member was good and was good cooperation among ourself.







                                    WEEK 1 (CECI)


Submitted by:                                                  Submitted to:

Sangeet Gopal Kayastha                           Dr.Balaraju Nikku

6th semester                                                         Block Placement Coordinator     

                                                                 Kadambari Memorial College


Introduction of the week:

 This week was the first week of the block placement of the trainee.  This week the trainee joined the program of CECI Uniterra . this week the trainee basically involved in the introduction session of the CECI  and other patners of the program. The trainee also took orientation about the trainee also involved in interacting with the staffs and other particapents of the program. the trainee also visited the Bio-Briquette project Bisankhu Narayan Community forest at Lalitpur District . The trainee also traveled to Gorkha district.


  • To know about the objectives and activities of the international seminar.
  • To know about the patner organizations of the program.
  • To know about the Bio-Briquette program


Activities of the trainee:

The first day, trainee got involved in the introduction with the Nepalese and Canadian participants of the program. The trainee also got involved in rapport building with the coordinators. The trainee also got involved in the quick introduction of the time schedule of the week.

The second day trainee got involved in various sessions such as introduction of the
CECI. The trainee also got orientation related to safety and security. The trainee also got the session of the “Gender and the Social Inclusion in Nepal” and also watched the Social Documentary named “Chaukat”.

The third day trainee got involved orientation related with the main 4 themes of program which should be done in the Gorkha by the participants in their group . Those themes was Governance , Pro-Poor , enterprises and sustainable forest management. The trainee also involved in the cultural sharing with the other Nepalese and the Canadians. The trainee also visited the Bio Briquette project of the Bishanku Narayan Community forest at northern part of Lalitpur district and involved in team bulding session.

The forth day the trainee got involved in the details introduction about the different 4 themes of the program and also selecting of the theme. The trainee chooses the governance theme among the different themes. The trainee also involved in the group formations which was basically chosen by the coordinators. The trainee got in the Thuli Community Forest Group which was second big group having 3 Nepalese and 2 Canadian participants. The trainee also involved in the presentations of the theme prepared by the trainee’s group and also got lesions about the facilitation and presentations skills and more about the case study methodology in grass root level.

On the fifth day of week , the trainee got involved in the group presentations and project preparation in the theme of governance in which the trainee had to make the research methodology and research questions. The trainee also got involved in selecting the different methods such as thought shower, focus group discussion, etc .


There was different learnings about the various topic . The main learning was about the program , which was been organized by the Uniterra . Uniterra is the program which is been funded by the Canadian INGO named as CECI. The international seminar is been organized in various country since more than 50 years in different themes in different nations. This year this program was been organized in Nepal in theme of ‘Sustainable Forest and Livelihoods’. 

The trainee also got knowledge about the partners of the program. The partners were

a)      ANSAB, the organization which mainly helps in the technical support to the forest groups . It also supports finance and also in research programs.

b)      FECOFUN :- FECOFUN stands for the Federation of community forest users. It is the federation which mainly works for the advocacy of CFUGs (community forest users group). It has branches in all 75 districts and head office in kathmandu . It also works in giving training related various issues related to community forest to the community forest users.

c)      IDS Nepal :- it mainly works for the Bio Briquette projects in various districts.

d)      HBTL :- Himalayan Bio trade works for the natural products such as Lokta (nepali paper ) , different materials from Lokta , perfumes from different natural and herbal plants . It helps to sell the local Nepali products in Nepal and also abroad Nepal .

About the Bio Briquette program of the Bisanku Narayan , the trainee knew that the 14 womens are getting employment in the program. It is been working under the Bisanku Narayan CFUG. The women also collect the grass such as ‘Banmara grass’ and branches from their forest and also from other CFUG. Banmara is the grass which destroys the forest but can be utilized by making Bio Briquette after certain process.

The trainee also got some knowledge about the Canadian culture through power sharing.

Personal Feelings:

The trainee was very to get involved in the program after been shifted after some weeks. The trainee was also happy to get more knowledge related with gender and also about the research methodology which is also in the college syllabus.

The short film named as ‘ Chaukat’ was also very nice which was based in the gender issue with the open ended answer . The trainee also got more knowledge and was suprized about use of it to make them from the useless grass which destroys the forest.

Everything was good and also most of the particapents was much good.

The only thing which the trainee felt bad was among the three particapents from our college, Vikeena was not so cooperative and was not giving company during the sessions and off time. That was the more suprizing. But no matters the trainee well participated and was much satisfied also.

The trainee personally fell very happy to get Involved in the program.


Field Work Report

Week 2

 Orientation Class on CSE at Pharping

(6th June 2010-11th June 2010)

Submitted by:                                                            Submitted to:

Sangeet Gopal Kayastha                                    Dr.Balaraju Nikku 

Introduction of the week:


This week the trainee is took the orientation class at different schools of Pharping in the topic of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). This orientation mainly focuses the students of class 8, 9 and 10 as they are the one who mainly shows interest and wants to know more about their sexual and reproductive health.

This orientation class is lead by the organization called UHSD (United Hands for Social Development) which was established in the year 2009.




To make awareness to students about the importance of SRH (sexual and reproductive health)

To know about the level of understanding about the SRH among the students




Activities of the trainee:


The trainee organized the meeting among the members of UHSD and shared the ideas about the class. The Co-trainee Bikina Chhetri who is also the board member of UHSD was also interested to organize the class.  The trainee involved in designed the concept which was initially for schools of Patan area and Pharping area. But later due to lack of time, the program was focused in the schools of Pharping area and took time with principles of 5 schools of Pharping and also dropped the letter and concept of the class.

The following day the trainee was involved in follow up the school and making the charts.


Then on the third day the trainee dropped the letters and talked with the principals of the schools and arranged the time for the orientation class. After that he went to FPAN (Family Planning Association Nepal) and collected the materials related with CSE.

On the fourth, fifth and sixth day the trainee took the orientation class on CSE in different schools of Pharping and distributed the materials to the students and handled some materials to put it on the library.




The main thing which the trainee learned was the all the process which was essential for organizing any program. He learned about the making the concept was difficult and more than that it was difficult to implement.  To approach in the schools was also very difficult and also only 3 among 5 schools gave the time to take the class the students of class 8, 9 and 10 were very curious and seems that they were good in sexual and reproductive health education.

The trainee found that the SRH education was well given also both boys and girls students have well knowledge on it but there is still the level of uneasiness among the students to share that and also don’t have the proper knowledge where they can get councelling and proper health facilities related with SRH .


 The trainee also learned that comparing the schools which was Tribhuwan Secondary School and next Setidevi School the students of Setidevi was more forward as because the teacher was good and used to teach the class in more nicely.



Personal Feelings:


CSE and in other word sexual and reproductive health is been taught in most of the schools of Nepal and also included in the health and education course of school. But still now it is not well spoken in the society. Many teachers even hesitate to teach those subjects nicely.

Visiting those schools, I was happy that these days the students were more forward and well educated than our time. Although few girls were shy in nature but they were also well interested. I personally really felt that this classed helped them a lot which they could not get from their course. The only bad feeling about this week was that I missed my one training of NGO federation and and also could not take class in G. H . Secondary school due to lack of time.














Field Work Report

Week 1

 Celebrating World Environment Day

(1st June 2010- 5th June, 2010)

 Submitted to:                                             Submitted by:

Dr. Balaraju Nikku                             Sangeet Gopal Kayastha

Deparment Head and                                6th semester

6th semester Field Coordinator                 



Introduction of the week

 The trainee being involved in environmental sector and also being interested in environment sector , the trainee approached at NDF (Nepal Development Foundation ) and started his field work. Around the Globe and also in Nepal the week of 30th may to 5th June was celebrated as World Environment Week so different programs was been organized. NDF along with other organizations Kathmandu Cycle City and YES Nepal (Youth Engagement in Sustainability) organized the cycle rally and trainee was involved in it. NDF is organizing a Eco-rally from Kathmandu Durbar Square to Bhaktapur Durbar Square,. The World Environment Day plays a greater role in promoting the different activities that can be done to preserve the environment and protect it from any kind of disaster.

The trainee was also involved in and UHSD Nepal (United Hands for Social Development). UHSD organized a plantation program at Nepal School of Social Work

Objectives of the program:


  • To raise awareness about the climate change and environment day
  • To perform different activities related with Environment.


Activities of the trainee:

The main activity of the trainee was to involve in the team of the Environment Day Cycle Rally. For that the trainee was involved in different meetings with the staffs and volunteers of NDF. The trainee was also involved in interacting the other organization’s staffs and volunteers.

The trainee did different activities on the whole week .The main work of the trainee was to manage logistics for the cycle rally which was also named as eco rally as the cycle and electric vehicles was involved. The trainee dropped letter to the police, Bhaktapur muncalipity and Shree Padma H.S.School for the venue. On the Saturday 5th June the on, the trainee coordinated the eco-rally and celebrated the World Environment Day.

Also as per the time, the trainee also involved in managing the plantation program which was done surrounding of Nepal School of Social work.



The trainee knew that around the world and also in Nepal the environment day is celebrated in every June 5th, but to raise awareness this year the environment day was celebrated around the globe. The trainee also learned that the whole eco rally will be coordinated by NDF and Kathmandu Cycle City. 10 Rewa electric Cars and electric bikes was also involved in rally with more than 60 cyclicality . The trainee knew that it was also helpful to promote those products. The trainee knew that from one heritage site Basantapur Durbar Square to another world Heritage site , Bhaktapur durbar square was very good but due to traffic it was difficult and also the construction of Arniko Highway polluted the environment so it was difficult for the cyclist.

The Plantation program organized in the compound of Nepal School of Social work also very informative because many even didn’t knew about that day. Although few particapents was involved but that was also the matching to the objectives to celeberate the environment day as well as making college look good.

Personal feelings:


I personally was very happy that the participants was more than expected in the Eco cycle ralley and also few was rejected by us. Also managing the venue was really hard in Bhaktapur because some of the participants was also non Nepalese so they would had to pay 10 $ going to main area  of Bhaktapur Durbar Square so managing the venue school close to Bhaktaour Durbar Square was really hard.

Organizing plantation program was good but not as much as expected. Total 60 plants were brought thinking many will participate and also they will take remaining .but there was not much cooperation form the juniors. But the teachers and some others really helped to make the plantation good.


this blog include my field work of final semester of BSW at  www.nepalschoolofsocialwork.org

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